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About Us

Life events inspire moments to celebrate through good food, drink, and company.

Our passionate Chef and he’s Sous Chef has over 12 years of Culinary experience. He first got his start by the hand of many mentors, from there has worked all instances related to the restaurant industry,

climbing every step of the ladder until reaching the Executive Chef position, and evolving his creative skills to supply the need for Expert Consultancy during the last five years.

Among his clients we can find Sao Restaurant, IL Sole Restaurant, Rush Tapas, Vapor Lounge, Angry Burger, Salsa Caterers, Tililá, Gary’s Restaurant & Bar, Grumpys G, Mangu Restaurant.

Healthy concepts develop: Vegan and Vegetarian for Valerio Juice Bar College Point Queens NYC & Delicioso Lawrence City of Lawrence.

Along with his successful venture as Personal Chef to celebrities, sports teams and his own family catering business Gonell Enterprise. New projects at IndusPad: Fusion Kitchen Factory & Food Service.

He continues to be inspired by furthering his Culinary knowledge and techniques, constantly devouring new books by the most prominent authorities in the field.

We Design

Services and create exceptional experiences reflecting each client’s unique vision and personality through our unparalleled expertise and passion.

Amilkar Gonell

CEO & Exc. Chef

Pamela Gonell

VP & Chef